I am a person that loves to draw. Give me a pen and a piece of paper and I'm usually set for the day/week/year.

I like to indulge my enthusiasm for creating intricate pieces of artwork that pay tribute to the fascinating, chaotic and often beautiful world that we find ourselves in today.

I am on a continuous mission to keep on illustrating and to keep on improving. The question that I am always asking myself is "I like it, but how can I do better?"

Despite never possesing a particularly high level of natural talent for art, I loved to do it so stuck with it from infancy onwards.

In 1999 I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Illustration and Animation and just kept on from there.

Armed with my portfolio, I began to knock on a few doors, organised many exhibitions and amassed myself a few regular clients along the way.

Although I have begun to use the computer more and more over the last few years, all my projects still begins their lives as a sketch on a piece of paper. Although incredibly useful, I feel that digital art on its own can often feel a little cold and lifeless which is why I feel that there is no real substitue for the hand drawn line.

That being said, I am often at my happiest when combining the two.

Aside from art, I am a sucker for Heart of Midlothian F.C., reconnecting with nature, all things J.K. Rowling and classic Doctor Who.

To sum up, this website is basically where I keep all my creative stuff. It's not all about me either. If you head over to my blog you’ll find all sorts of art related wonders.

To learn more about my work process, check out my case studies and also my questions and answers section.


Timex, Funny or Die, Innis & Gunn
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