The Daily Sketch Challenge

At the start of the year I started a daily sketch project using the hashtag #365SketchChallenge. The task is simple enough. Every day I must create a sketch and upload it to my social media accounts. I’m not 60 days into it and thought that I would share what I’ve been doing so far.
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Sketching Ideas: Don’t Dismiss Those Small Beginnings

Thumbnail sketches, jotting down ideas that suddenly come to you, it can be surprisingly easy to fall out of the habit of doing these small things that at first might not seem like they add up to all that much.

Just now I was thumbing through a little book that I keep and was surprised and amused to find a couple of small illustration ideas that I had jotted down a while back. Both of the ideas have gone on to become two of the most involved of my personal projects that I’ve done in the past couple of years.

The first sketch that I found was an idea that I had for a Scottish themed illustration… Continue reading

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Manchester United Illustration, Done, Dusted, Finished!

united-final-colorThis took way longer that I would ever have anticipated but that’s the thing about personal projects. Career and life tends to get in the way. No worries though. View some details from the finished piece below… Continue reading

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The Day After the Day it Happened

abe-lincoln-16-webOh well America, and to think that you once had this guy.

Staying positive. x

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Bill Kirchen OWNS the Telecaster!

If you’re previously aware for the great Bill Kirchen then you’re doing far better than me. I’ve been shamefully ignorant of this brilliance for quite some time now (like, my entire life).

What an amazing performer and sick guitarist!

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Wes Anderson is a Master of Composition!

Wes Anderson // Centered from kogonada on Vimeo.

I love Wes Anderson’s movies for many reasons. One of the things that sticks out for me though is his sense of composition that he seems to give to all his shots. That point is never illustrated better than in the above video.

The amount of thought and consideration that must go into each and every shot is mindblowing.

Watch it!

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Star Wars and the Importance of Small Beginnings

star-wars-development-sketchDespite the many millions of dollars that are invested into blockbuster movies these days (like the recent installment of the Star Wars saga “The Force Awakens”) it surprise you to learn that many of the epic special effects actually have there roots in very simple beginning.

I’ve recently read this great article about this very process.

Never estimate the humble sketch that’s what I say.

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Gesture Drawing


I’ve recently been getting more into daily one minute gesture drawings. It’s a great way to loosen up and not get too precious about what your drawing.

I’ve been using this website which I really recommend to anybody looking to try out similar excercises.

Go check it out!

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Creatives, Forget about Getting Paid, it’s Time to Work for Free!

Illustrator will work for freePeople of the creative industry, ever been hard at work one day only to be interrupted by a complete unknown asking you to commit yourself to a commercial project with no prospect whatsoever of achieving any kind of payment for it?

I think that there’s a good chance that the answer is yes. Below are the reasons why you should jump right in and do just that.

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Manchester United Tribute Art

Manchester United IllustrationThat’s the pencil stage complete for the “Manchester United” piece.
Looking to add colour now.
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