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Optimus Prime, BMX Bikes and the Doomed Hollywood Venture

Did another sketch of Optimus Prime today. This time he’s riding a BMX bike.

There’s a true story behind this actually. This is a little know fact but during the eighties some top movie moguls got together and cooked up a plan to make a full length movie featuring Transformers on bikes. Continue reading

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And Then Emily Was Gone – Tribute Illustration

This is my illustrated tribute to recent comic publication “And Then Emily Was Gone” created by John Lee(writer) and Iain Laurie(artist). The way my interpretation has turned out, it kind of looks like the sort of concept art that may have been created if they were looking to pitch the story to American TV network AMC.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the comic then you can read some reviews here:

Looking forward to issue number two!


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