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An Interview with Mattias Adolfsson

Mattias Adolfsson Illustration
I recently came across an interview with the fantastic illustrator Mattias Adolfsson.

If you’re looking to learn from one of the best then you could do much worse.

Follow the link below for the full interview.

Mattias Adolfsson Interview

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Freelance Illustration: Questions and Answers

Truck Stop Diner IllustrationI am quite often approached by people regarding my work. A lot of the times it’ll be an inquiry from a potential client, Continue reading

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Working in Freelance Illustration, Questions and Answers

I was recently approached by illustration student Kirsty Smith-Neale who wanted to know if I would be interested in answering a few questions about what it’s like to work in the field of illustration. Of course, I was delighted to assist. I enjoyed the process of answering them and have decided to publish them here on my blog. See the questions and answers below.

Firstly, I would like to know what was your inspiration when you started doing your urban sketching-did any historical artists/illustrators influence you?
To be honest, I can’t really explain my fascination with illustrating buildings, it’s just something that I really enjoy doing. Continue reading

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An Interview With Iain Laurie, Illustrator

This month we turn our attention to Edinburgh illustrator and comic artist Iain Laurie. Iain has to be one of the most prolific illustrators I’ve met in recent years. He seems to have no less than four projects going on at once at any given time. Continue reading

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