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The Day After the Day it Happened

abe-lincoln-16-webOh well America, and to think that you once had this guy.

Staying positive. x

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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…

After the tragic events in Paris regarding the Charlie Hebdon attacks, I’ve been trying to resist the feverish clamor to say the most relevant thing.

I am no expert on these highly complicated matters so instead I’ve produced this illustration based on my observations on the West’s “War on Terror”.

With this latest round of heartbreak, I hope for clarity, I pray for peaceful solutions.

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Optimus Prime, BMX Bikes and the Doomed Hollywood Venture

Did another sketch of Optimus Prime today. This time he’s riding a BMX bike.

There’s a true story behind this actually. This is a little know fact but during the eighties some top movie moguls got together and cooked up a plan to make a full length movie featuring Transformers on bikes. Continue reading

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Stephen Hawkings Illustration, Funny or Die

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Funny or Die team on their latest issue of “The Occasional”, their monthly downloadable digital magazine. the task for me was to illustrate Stephen Hawkings who was apparently to be their guest editor for that issue. Here’s an excerpt below.


If you want to read the whole “”letter from the editor” then you can always download the whole issue for free here.

Be warned though, some of the humor may not be for the faint hearted, or the strong hearted for that matter. In fact, in order to avoid any kind of offense being taken, the magazine should pretty much be avoided by everyone. Nah, forget that, go and download it.



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Jimmy Carter Illustration, President Number 39

“I’ve been publicly hammered by friends and stranger’s alike for saying that ‘I like Jimmy Carter’. I have been jeered by large crowds for saying this; I have been mocked in print by liberal pundits and other Gucci people; Continue reading

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Teddy Roosevelt

The 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt was at the time, the youngest ever President at the age of 43. Although a Republican, Roosevelt’s policies are often sited as inspiration for a number of today’s left wing progressives. “Be practical as well as generous on your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” was his advice to the youth of America.

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About Abraham Lincoln…

I’ve set myself a challenge to illustrate all 44 Presidents of the United States of America. This guy is an obvious one. One of the more recognizable Presidents that we’ve had.

He’s actually one of the easier ones to draw due to his iconic features.

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Artist Profile – Ralph Steadman


Where does Ralph Steadman’s art truly find its home?

Is it in the courtrooms during the Richard Nixon impeachment trial? The Kentucky Derby where he first worked with Hunter S. Thompson and getting maced in the face for his efforts? Or does his work find a more suited environment within the pages of a book on wine tasting and vineyards?

Like many with a keen interest in illustration, Ralph Steadman is a particular hero of mine.

Not only a hero of American counter culture, he is celebrated by the mainstream and underground alike. Continue reading

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Election 2012 and the Romney Message

The 2012 Presidential election season in the United States is over.

Mitt Romney has taken his place among names such as Bob Dole, Barry Goldwater, Michael Dukakis and Calvin Coolidge to name but a few. I am referring of course to the long list of one-time U.S. Presidential candidates who, despite great effort and high hopes, would be destined to ultimately fall at the final hurdle. Continue reading

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Corporations Are People My Friend

Mitt Romney IllustrationMitt Romney’s “No Apology For America” Tour

I had already posted an earlier version of this illustration late last year but upon further inspection i decided that I hadn’t done it justice.

The quote “corporations are people my friend” is an actual quote from Republican nominee Mitt Romney. It’s unclear what he meant by that particular proclamation.

Is he saying that corporations can get sick like people, die of old age like people?

Maybe the gist of what he was getting at was that it doesn’t matter that a billionaire with a high stake in a corporation only has to pay 15% on their capital gains tax(which is the money they make from doing absolutely nothing) while the average family pays more than double that amount. So therefore, the money goes straight to “the people”. Or maybe the corporations give it straight back to the people?

No. Even after writing all this down, I still don’t get it.

Here’s the footage of him actually saying this if you want to try and work it out yourself…

All I can say is good luck.

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